Crunchies in the Forest

I am currently in Washington hanging out with my little sister Kat - we're the complete opposites in personality & looks, but these photos where she is dressed up as me are uncanny! Our parents backyard is the forest that connects to Puget Sound, we did not venture out too far though.....it started to rain and poor sister sat on a slug!

So here are some fun snapshots of Kat wearing the Lizette Crunchy necklaces in both the long and short version and around her wrist is the Kathy Crunchy necklace wrapped around as a bracelet. I am by no means a photographer whatsoever - these pics were taken with my little Sony Cybershot camera, ha. For photography, I leave that to my partner-in-crime Jason Lewis.

Sooner than later, I will be preparing to do a real deal photoshoot of my Crunchies with Jay - these are just for a fun time. Enjoy!

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ellen said...

Cute! Where did you find that dress?