Librarian Tendencies.....

I have a serious book fetish. I have curbed my book addiction and have not been to the Strand Bookstore in months though! I also do not have room in my house for any more books because it is starting to seep into the common areas. So, I made a deal with myself that I had to finish cataloging my book collection - I am halfway there. See my personal library and the progress thus far:


I often have friends come over to do inspiration research - I also collect vintage fashion periodicals and have hundreds clothing patterns. Maybe one day I will open a library/archive of my own if my collection continues to grow.

My design process can be a bit tedious and mimics my librarian tendencies - I have a thing for sorting, organizing, collating, labeling, archiving and inventorying pretty much everything. The chains I collect start out in this huge mountain of chains (see the photo below of my tabletop - you can't even see the table itself!) and I simply start pulling out pieces that stand out to me. Then, I separate my vintage chains on bulletin boards by width and type of links. The way I go about making pieces is both orderly and a bit chaotic....


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