Crunchy Jewels LOVES Samantha Pleet!

My friend Samantha Pleet asked me to be a part of her Fall 2008 Look Book shot by Tim Zaragoza and inspired by late 1960s/early 1970s mugshots such as Jane Fonda's trip to the slammer.

Each of us had to think of a crime that our characters would have committed. I was a volunteer librarian by day and by night....a drug smuggling (via my huge bouffant)prostitute! Jay took an iPhone photo of my mugshot as it was displayed in the gallery.... right next to my sister Lauren!

Below is the invite and a little blurb on Samantha's collection. I am a huge fan of her dresses and bought 4 pieces from her last collection. She sells her clothing at Stuart & Wright as well.

Samantha Pleet's Fall'08 collection, "Rapscallion,"reflects a madcap array of inspirations from Dickensian \urchins to Venetian aristocrats to vintage black-and-white police mugshots to sharp-dressed sixties rock bands—and marks the introduction of a small menswear line Patrick Pleet.

Pleet's unique fashion week event at Openhouse Gallery—produced in collaboration with film and photography collective Avant16—will blur the line between fashion show, gallery show,performance art, and party. Images from the fall "mugshot" look book will be on view over cocktails before and after the runway show. The "mugshots" are portraits of creative young New Yorkers—artists, musicians, stylists and editors—bringing the collection to life. An open-to-all backstage area will be part of the festivities, exposing the entire creative process.


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