Oreo Truffles and Newman-O Truffles

Oreos has come out with a limited edition flavor - Strawberry Milkshake! So I made Oreo Truffles with them (mashed together with frosting) that are covered in hot pink colored chocolate.I also experimented with Newman-O's. My favorite flavor is the mint chocolate and I covered these in mint green colored chocolate. So yummmy, but very sweet.

xoxo Jules


Anonymous said...

"Food" like your crunchy balls are the reason the majority of the population in the US is overweight or obese and suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Crushed oreos with food coloring and canned frosting? Seriously?? Stick to making jewelry and leave food to the chefs.

Jess said...

Wow, time for "Anonymous" to get away from the computer and get some exercise! Deserts aren't going to make people fat, that would be excess.

Hater...stop wasting your time being negative towards others. Go do something positive!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous,
like every culture out there doesn't have recipes for desserts...America isn't the only place where people make desserts.
plus there is a thing called moderation.
some people can control it, some can't.
I'm a very healthy person, but sometimes I like to treat myself to a cupcake, not a dozen cupcakes, but one cupcake.
Like you never had a sweet thing in your life.