Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Kathy Nguyen ;)

My sister got married this weekend! Congrats to her and her new hubbie Remy! Looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks when they come visit me in NYC. Here is some behind-the-scenes footage from one of their many wedding photoshoots:

Wedding Photoshoot Wipeout! from Julie Le on Vimeo.


A Special Cakeball Order by Gabriella

A Special Cake Ball Order By Gabriella from Julie Le on Vimeo.

My sister's flower girl made a special request for some custom flavored cake balls ;).



Cake Balls Mentioned in VOGUE.COM!

I got a little mention in Vogue's Daily blog. Big hugs to Sidney, he's been helping me spread the word about my balls from the very beginning!

See link: http://www.style.com/vogue/voguedaily/2009/06/best-outdoor-spot-flea-dom/


P.S. Actually....I have not been at Brooklyn Flea this summer at all, ha. So, please don't go looking for me there! I did get my start there last summer thanks to Eric! I may consider making an appearance at one point this summer because I had so much fun when I did it with Jay, but I will keep you all up-to-date!


Dreadnought in Athens

My buddy Noel Hennessy is in Greece this summer installing a show in Athens for ReMap2 of his collaborative work with Micheal Bevilacqua under the name Dreadnought. He is posting photos of his works-in-progess out there, so check out this blog.

Miss you Noel!


Garden Party

The other day my friends that I work with at The Costume Institute had a lovely garden party/reunion with our dear friend Ajiri (our old super star intern), who just returned from Paris with a Master's (in Decorative Arts, Desigh, Culture and History thank-you-very-much) under her belt and working a new gig with Orange Films (congrats babe!). Coincidentally, we had a Red&Pink food themed party from my Korean-Vietnamese burgers (well red before they are on the grill), watermelon/cherry tomatoe/basil skewers & homemade salsa made by Bethany, strawberry rhubarb by bought by Amanda from The Blue Stove in Williamsburg, Andrew's pink lemonade vodka with mint, and my red velvet cake balls! We pigged out on homemade fried won tons by Joyce, Shannon's ambrosia salad, and Keith's grilled corn. Baby Oona (pictured with a Crunchy as a teething toy!) was the Queen of the Party and looked so yummy we all wanted a bite of her too! ;)




My new lovely friends Todd & Tony invited me to an opening for the art Wayne White at Mireille Mosler last month. I also made cake balls wrapped in a rainbow of colors for a dinner they were hosting in honor of the artist.

Most of my inspiration, I look at art of the past to draw my references from, but seeing the paintings of the contemporary Wayne White was so exciting! The work was seamlessly done and from what I understood were re-worked paintings where he added a graphic-based, tongue-in-cheek element that was executed with such serious skill. I came knowing very little of White's work and left a new fan and wished I could have bought so many of his pieces to adorn my walls at home! Maybe one day sooner than later ;). Here are some photos from the opening...

Todd Oldham Studio also designed the artist monograph which also debuted that evening, which I bought right away! You must too! It's a great addition to anyone's art book collection. The book is an overview of the artist's life's work from his doodles and sketches for Pee Wee's Playhouse to his paintings as of late.

Maybe Now I'll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve
By Todd Oldham

Design guru and art collector Todd Oldham shines the spotlight on the clever and warped world of artist Wayne White. From Wayne's early days as a production designer and puppet maker for the iconic TV show Pee-Wee's Playhouse to his unmistakable and exquisitely rendered text paintings, this monograph is a comprehensive view of Wayne White's oeuvre.

Wayne is a unique wordsmith, brilliantly juxtaposing irreverent and humorous phrases over existing thrift store paintings that together create a completely original and fictional landscape. Influenced by both his upbringing in rural Tennessee as well as a very sophisticated knowledge of art history, Wayne White's sensibility is completely singular and distinctive.

Wayne White's warped and perspectival words integrate into seemingly benign pastoral landscapes, creating a completely surreal experience. Wayne's expert painting chops and detailed attention to lighting and reflection, place the "new" text directly in its "original" setting. Text paintings such as "Donald Judd was a Son of a Bitch Wrecked his Train in a Whorehouse Ditch", "Poon", and "Maybe Now I'll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve", are a welcome departure from the more-often-than-not self-aggrandizing art world. There is a mind-bending immediacy to the work that crosses pop culture and painting genres, and that brings a singular voice to the mediums of drawing, painting, and sculpture.

The thirty plus years of work represented in this monograph beautifully present Wayne White's wildly prolific life as an artist, and in fact we think it's pretty "FANFUCKINTASTIC" !
- From Ammo Books website..