Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture

I love how this short film captures what it could feel like to be inspired by doing research ;).


Vietnamese Tacos

I love Sunday night dinners at my house! On this particular evening we had a little build-your-own taco set up with fried halibut (courtesy of Rukhsana) and some lemongrass ginger beef and shrimp for Vietnamese Tacos! I also made a cucumber mint topping and a tomato onion side as well all tossed with rice vinegar, some sugar, chili flakes, and a dash of salt.



Crunchies for my Ladies

I am making jewels for my ladies for Fashion Week...here is a piece I made today, took me a few hours but I had Mad Men on TV to keep me company ;).



Sweet Jewels on Govenor's Island

Look for me on a red picnic blanket and cute ladies in red on Governor’s Island tomorrow!

Check out the pix from the last event courtesy of Jason Lewis:


After the epic badminton showdown at GOVERNORS ISLAND with TRETORN last month, RECESS is back this SATURDAY AUGUST 22ND at COLONELS ROW from 12PM - 5PM, this time with a SANDPAPER PADDLE TABLE TENNIS challenge with PUMA, the true originals in the ping pong explosion (as it is affectionately known). The game itself is currently going through a renaissance in the US but for the RECESS showdown, we've decided to put a little twist on the game, a sandpaper version that will even the playing field, and more co-ed friendly. While 32 various teams from the creative community battle their way to the finals, there will also be open public tables to test your skill at the sport, paddles provided. LEGAMIN and VAN LEEUWEN ICE CREAM trucks, as well as FUNCTION DRINKS are back for food and refreshments to keep everyone hydrated and well fed. We've even got mini tables, frisbees and kites to keep the young ones entertained. And while you're out on the island, take a spin on the highly coveted series of PUMA BIOMEGA BIKES and test ride them, we promise it's going to change the way you feel about urban transportation! The crew from NO ORDINARY MONKEY will be on the musical decks.

The free ferry leaves the BATTERY MARITIME BUILDING in Lower Manhattan at 11am and every half hour after that. So don't miss out on all the action!



RECESS is still on tomorrow despite Hurricane Bill!!!!! Now at an alternative, beautiful location - The Xchange (640 W. 28th St, 9fl. BTW 11th and 12th Aves). See you tomorrow between 11am & 6pm!



I Bake & Cook, Therefore I Wear Cute Aprons

I am designing cute aprons with my Mom to bake and cook in obviously, but also for uniforms for events I participate in ;). These two aprons are my first two samples that I am experimenting with.



Tonight's Dinner Special

I have been on a baking & cooking frenzy as of late. I have noticed a gap in Vietnamese cook books that focus on desserts, so I have been experimenting and photographing my progress and hopefully it will accumulate into a book.

As for savory dishes, I am always trying to create fusion recipes like my popular, always-in-demand Korean-Vietnamese BBQ Burgers or just making traditional Vietnamese dishes with an extra oomph.

What I made has a little twist on the traditional version of Bun Bo (simply because it was what I had in my fridge at the time): grilled lemongrass beef + vermicelli noodles sprinkled with crushed peanuts + spinach, basil, mint, cucumber, tomato salad + spicy nuoc cham = YUM. I will post more yummy photos with this particular recipe sooner than later.

My next personal challenge is to create a Greek-Vietnamese dish. My girl Mina Stone is also in food & fashion such as myself. I check out her blog Luvingspoonfuls all the time for inspiration.



Sweet Jewels Cake Balls x The Kitchen @ The Jungle August 18th 8pm!

For all my New Yorkers, this Tuesday is one you don't want to miss! The Negroclash Crew: DJ Duane, DJ Lindsey and Prince Language, are reuniting for a rare appearance together at The Kitchen Tuesdays! Drink Specials, Snacks and greenery! Come early and stay late! Don't forget to RSVP thekitchentuesdays@gmail.com

in association with PUMA
and The Horticultural Society of New York

Every Tuesday
8PM - Midnight
61 Kent Avenue and N10 Street
Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn

TUESDAY 08.18.2009
Special Edition!!

DJ Duane (Other Music/Bim Max)
DJ Lindsey (Fam/The Hump)
Prince Language (The No Comprendo)

Cakeballs by Sweet Jewels
Spacecakes by Let Them Eat Cake
Cheap Drink Specials!

$3 Suggested Donation at the Door
RSVP thekitchentuesdays@gmail.com

21+ ONLY!
Cash only, the nearest ATM is 5 blocks away.

From the Bedord Avenue L Train:
Walk west on North 7th towards the waterfront (Berry Street). Take a right on Kent Avenue. The venue is on the corner of N10th and Kent

The space is beautiful...