Tonight's Dinner Special

I have been on a baking & cooking frenzy as of late. I have noticed a gap in Vietnamese cook books that focus on desserts, so I have been experimenting and photographing my progress and hopefully it will accumulate into a book.

As for savory dishes, I am always trying to create fusion recipes like my popular, always-in-demand Korean-Vietnamese BBQ Burgers or just making traditional Vietnamese dishes with an extra oomph.

What I made has a little twist on the traditional version of Bun Bo (simply because it was what I had in my fridge at the time): grilled lemongrass beef + vermicelli noodles sprinkled with crushed peanuts + spinach, basil, mint, cucumber, tomato salad + spicy nuoc cham = YUM. I will post more yummy photos with this particular recipe sooner than later.

My next personal challenge is to create a Greek-Vietnamese dish. My girl Mina Stone is also in food & fashion such as myself. I check out her blog Luvingspoonfuls all the time for inspiration.


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